Installing Eletype to Slack is a 3 step process. 

Step 1) Install to Slack

First, click the "Add to Slack" button on the website or find us in the Slack App Directory

Next, you should see this welcome message in Slack.

Then click "Settings" and complete your profile. 

All set? You should see this message:

Step 2) Create a Connection

Now that Eletype is installed it is time to add a connection to monitor.

For this example we will use Facebook/Instagram

Like this:

Tip: Create a new Slack channel for monitoring. Try something like: #facebook-monitor or #facebook-ads.

All set? Time to Add Connection. 

Once it's added you should see this message:

And if the connection was successfully added you should see a summary message like this:

Step 3) Let your bot go to work

That's it!

Every day you'll get daily summaries and real time alerts.
Want to add more connections? Try /eletype add

Want to move your connection to a different Slack channel? Try /eletype move

Want to list all of your connections? Try /eletype list

Need help? Try /eletype help

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