Eletype is an intelligent assistant designed to monitor and protect your advertising investment. We are continually adding additional connections and features to support our growing customer base. 

So why did we build Eletype?

MarTech is highly fragmented (over 7,000 tools at current count and the average company has over 90 tools in their stack). Teams are similarly fragmented and siloed across dozens of groups, vendors, agencies and vendors. As a result, the ‘last mile’ of analytics is broken and this leads to much of the waste in marketing. Marketing teams need timely, relevant, actionable data insights to succeed in their roles. Digital assistants (bots) and messaging platforms are the ideal framework to solve this problem. 

The Eletype Digital Assistant detects changes, anomalies and outliers in data sets, then uses messaging platforms, like Slack, to push relevant information out to users based on their roles, interests and preferences.

How does it work?

After installing Eletype to your Slack workspace you'll start to see 2 types of communication:

  • Daily Summaries - Think of this as a curated daily digest of what's requires attention today. 

  • Real-time Notifications - Think of this like breaking news.

Summary data and all notifications are filtered based on impact and importance. Eletype won't bug you with everything going on. Notifications are limited to only the most important things. 

What monitoring is currently supported?

Details on our currently supported monitoring can be found here: 

Currently Support Connections
Facebook and Instagram Monitoring
Google Ads Monitoring
Landing Page Monitoring
Mailchimp Monitoring
CallRail Monitoring
HubSpot Sales Monitoring 

What about:
DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange
DoubleClick Digital Marketing and Google Analytics 360
Microsoft Teams

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