Facebook and Instagram Monitoring Details

Eletype monitors the following Facebook marketing data points:

  • Relevance

  • Negative Feedback

  • Frequency

  • Disapproved Ads

  • Campaign Active  

  • Campaign Paused  

  • Campaign Created  

  • Ad Set Budget

  • Changed Campaign

  • Budget $$ Changed

  • Ad Disapproved

  • Ad Delivery Penalized

  • Daily Budget Pacing  

  • Spend Anomaly

  • Conversion Anomaly

  • # of Clicks

  • CTR, CPC, CPM Anomalies

  • CVR or CPA Anomalies

  • Payment Method Declined 

Daily Summary

Your Facebook daily summary will look like this 👇

To refine the digital assistant you can Any user can configure their own threshold monitoring by using /eletype configure or clicking the ⚙️ icon next to any alerts. 

Configure looks like this 👇

For more details on creating monitoring rules, please read this article: Creating a Monitoring Rule

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