Eletype Google Ads Monitoring

  • Daily Spend

  • MTD Spend

  • Daily Budget Pacing

  • Spend Anomaly

  • Conversion Anomaly

  • # of Clicks

  • CTR, CPC, CPM Anomalies

  • CVR or CPA Anomalies

Daily Summary
A daily summary for your Google Ads accounts will come every day at the hour set in your company settings (Use /eletype settings to update this value) 

A summary looks like this:

With the daily summary in your Slack channel you now you start each morning knowing how your campaigns are doing without having to lift a finger. If you need to dive deeper then just click on one of the mini-reports to figure out what is going on. And if you have to. . . the hyperlinks will take you directly to your campaigns.

User specific Google Thresholds:

Keep your Search campaigns on track with custom thresholds. You tell us what to monitor and we keep an eye on the metrics and values that drive your business forward.

They look like this:

Thresholds can be configured by using /eletype configure or click the ⚙️ icon next to any alert.

Configure looks like this:

For more information on how to create monitoring rules, please read this article: Creating a Monitoring Rule.

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