Eletype Landing Page monitoring is available for all live ads and emails.ย 

Here are the details:

Connections: Google, Facebook, Instagram, Email
Frequency: 10 minutes (can be modified by request)
Default checks:

  • HTTPs Status - Triple checks to confirm the page is up and is does not redirect
  • Download time - Triple checks raw download time
  • Google Pixel Check - Confirms GTM is on Google Ads Landing Pages
  • Facebook Pixel Check - Confirms Facebook Pixel is on Facebook and Instagram Landing Pages

Custom Monitoring (available to Pro and Enterprise):

  • Full Render Check - Checks full render time and identifies problematic resources
  • Custom Tag Check - Confirms that customer specific tags are present
  • Cart Test - Attempts to place a product in a shopping cart
  • Funnel Test - Attempts to get to a checkout page
  • Frequency - Custom monitoring can be run at customer specified intervalsย 

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