Eletype Landing Page monitoring is available for all live ads and emails.ย 

Landing pages are constantly changing and can often end up broken or rendering improperly, which is why we test your landing pages for you. Our bot checks your landing pages every 10 minutes to make sure everything is up and operational.

Default checks:

  • HTTPs Status - Triple checks to confirm the page is up and is does not redirect

  • Download time - Triple checks raw download time

  • Google Pixel Check - Confirms GTM is on Google Ads Landing Pages

  • Facebook Pixel Check - Confirms Facebook Pixel is on Facebook and Instagram Landing Pages

Custom Monitoring (available to Pro and Enterprise):

  • Full Render Check - Checks full render time and identifies problematic resources

  • Custom Tag Check - Confirms that customer specific tags are present

  • Cart Test - Attempts to place a product in a shopping cart

  • Funnel Test - Attempts to get to a checkout page

  • Frequency - Custom monitoring can be run at customer specified intervalsย 

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