If you want to try out Eletype, our free trial is a great way to get started. No credit card needed.

Simply install Eletype to your Slack workspace and make one connection to any of our supported channels.

For the trial we support 1 connection completely free with full functionality.

Each type of connection (search, social, email, telephony and landing pages) have different daily summaries and alerts so check out the links below to learn more about the integrations we support.

The free trial includes unlimited monitoring on this connection. If you want to add more connections for larger accounts and campaigns you can upgrade. 

To learn more about available Slack slash commands, check out this article:
How to Use Eletype Slack Slash Commands

For more specifics on each monitor, check out these articles:

Facebook and Instagram Monitoring
Google Ads Monitoring
Mailchimp Monitoring
CallRail Monitoring
Landing Page Monitoring

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