The Eletype Essential tier is designed for the needs of a growing marketing team that is beginning to scale their outreach.

With multiple platforms, A/B testing, and a growing team we know you have your hands full.  Which is why with the Essential tier our digital assistant instantly tracks all of your campaigns making sure you never miss a beat.

In this tier we track up to 5 total connections for your Search, Social and Email campaigns to make sure you always have someone watching your back.

Our goal is to help you grow, not be a hindrance. So as your ad spend scales, so do we. 

If you need more connections or manage ad accounts on behalf of clients then please consider upgrading to our Growth Tier.

Currently Support Connections:
Facebook and Instagram MonitoringGoogle Ads Monitoring
Landing Page Monitoring
Mailchimp Monitoring
CallRail Monitoring
HubSpot Sales Monitoring

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