The Performance tier is the competitive advantage that your agency needs to keep clients happy, and keep winning their business.

The Eletype digital assistant focuses on the metrics that matter most and automates the tasks your team just wasn’t made to do so they don't have to manually pace budgets, or track daily spend.  The digital assistant does that work for you and delivers it to you, every morning.

And with 50 connections at your disposal you will be able to track every ad from launch to landing page. So say goodbye to budget killing mistakes and say hello to stress free client renewals. 

Performance tier also comes with a dedicated account manager to ensure successful on-boarding of your newest team member and can handle tasks like bulk on-boarding and threshold configuration.

Currently Support Connections:

Facebook and Instagram MonitoringGoogle Ads Monitoring

Landing Page Monitoring

Mailchimp Monitoring

CallRail Monitoring

HubSpot Sales Monitoring

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