Note: Rules are available for Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook/Instagram only.

Ok, so you have Eletype installed and you have added your first connection. Now what? Let's create some rules, but first, what is a monitoring rule?

Eletype allows users to create 2 types of monitoring rules:

Threshold - A threshold rule allows you to set a specific value for any KPI.
Example: Alert me if my weekly spend ever drops below $2,000

Fluctuations  - A fluctuation rule allows you to set a percent change for any KPI.
Example: Alert me if my weekly spend ever changes by more than +/- 30% 

You can apply those rules at either Account or Campaign level. 

So far so good? Cool, let's add your own monitoring rule. 

The easiest way to add a monitoring rule is to go to App Home and click on the Configurations. Like this 👇

You can also configure a rule using the following commands:
/eletype configure
Tell the bot by saying something like "@eletype I want to configure a rule"

Next you should see a list of your existing rules, like this 👇

From this dialog box you can add a new rule or edit/pause/delete an existing rule.

Let's add a new rule by clicking the 'add' button. You should see a dialog box that looks like this 👇

1️⃣First, select the Ad Account you want to start with.

2️⃣Second, will this be a Ad Account or Campaign rule? Ad Account rules monitor Ad Account level metrics while Campaign rules will monitor Campaign level metrics. 

3️⃣Third, pick the type of rule you would like. Fluctuation or Threshold

4️⃣Fourth, pick a metric. This dropdown will have all metrics for the type of provider (Google, Facebook, Bing). Don't see what you are looking for? Let us know!

5️⃣Fifth, if this is a Campaign rule you will see 3 options:

  • Single Campaign - Apply this rule to one and only one Campaign

  • Campaign Filter - Apply this rule to all Campaigns that match a user defined naming convention. Example: All Campaigns that include the word "mobile" in them. 

  • All Campaigns - Apply this rule to all Campaigns in this Ad Account

Now, just define the rule like this 👇

That's it! 

Here is a flow chart to review:

Now Eletype will monitor all of your campaigns for you. 

You will see daily alerts for each rule in Slack. 

You can read more about Advanced Features here

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