Note: This article pertains to Google, Facebook and Bing connections. 

In your daily summary you will now notice a chart button, like this: 📊

By clicking this button you can pull a mini-report for one or many Ad Accounts or Campaigns that are monitored within this channel. 

1️⃣First, pick "Ad Account" or "Campaign"
2️⃣Next, pick a "Date Range"
3️⃣Then select the account or campaign you want a report for. (Tip: You can select more than one)
4️⃣Finally, enjoy your report, like this:

These reports are designed to give you a snapshot of account or campaign performance over the requested time period.

The ⚠️icon indicates dramatic fluctuations in that metric. 

You can also set up reports to be automatically generated and sent to Slack by visiting the Daily Summary Settings section in Settings, like this:

In the future, look for the following features to be added to the mini-reports:

  • Revenue and ROAS 💰

  • Graphs 📈

  • Configurable report metrics ⚙️

  • Sharing and Downloading 📥 

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