Yeah, bot commands are new to Slack, they are similar to slash commands, and they can be confusing.

Don't know the difference between Slash commands and Bot commands? That's ok, we wrote an article about it here.

The easiest way to think about it is to think about bot commands being similar to interacting with any other member of your team.

So rather than using "/" you simply tag the app using the "@" just like you would tag a team member.

Try out: @eletype I need help or @eletype I want to change my settings

This method of interacting with the app feels a little more natural to non-technical users, but can be more difficult to define and document since we can process many different permutations of commands.

Example: @eletype can you help me? or @eletype where are the settings?

Our support for bot commands is in the early stages and we are constantly adding new ways to interact with the bot, but for now, try out the following:

  • @eletype how are my campaigns doing?

  • @eletype list my connections

  • @eletype I want to add a connection

  • @eletype where are the settings?

  • @eletype remove a connection

Hope that helps!

Let us know if you have feedback, let us know like this:

  • /eletype feedback

  • @eletype i have feedback

  • or go to the App Home page and type "I have feedback"

For more on our Slash commands read this article.

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