There are 3 ways to limit the amount of notifications you receive from Eletype. 

  1. Limit the total number 

  2. Limit specific notifications

  3. Turn off daily summaries 

First, use App Home ➡️Schedule to configure your overall frequency, like this 👇

Note: You can also type "/eletype settings"

From the Settings menu you can do the following:

  • Adjust the Daily Summary Time - This time is based on your timezone. 

  • Adjust the Daily Summary Schedule - The default is 'Daily' but you can change this to Weekdays-only or Never

  • Change the Daily Notification Count - This controls how many warnings and alerts are sent per day. The default value is 3. 

  • Auto-send Campaign Reports - If this is on you will receive one mini-report per campaign automatically sent to your Slack channel every day on the Daily Summary Time. The default value is off. Note: This can get noisey, so use it wisely. 📣

  • - This will automatically send an Ad Account report to your Slack channel every morning at the Daily Summary Time. The default value is off

Here is what it looks like from the Settings screen 👇

These settings impact notifications across all Eletype connections. 

If you want to reduce specific notifications you can mute them. Read this article for more: How do I mute notifications?

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