Let's get off to a good start by covering the basics. 

This help article covers the following topics:

  1. Installing the Eletype Slack App

  2. Locating the App Home page

  3. Basic Slack Commands

  4. Terminology

To install the Eletype digital assistant either go to the install page on the Eletype website or find us in the Slack App directory.

Once installed hop over to Slack and follow the step-by-step prompts.

  1. Start off by verifying your email:

2. Next you will need to authorize a provider. We use a standard oAuth process so we can sync up to your Ad accounts and start monitoring your campaigns!

3. Once you have authorized you will need to add your first connection and create a channel for your new monitor.

Once the first connection has been added the Eletype digital assistant will analyze all of your accounts and provide the first summary audit. Return back to the channel tomorrow to find the first daily summary and pull your first mini report.

First step, find your Slack 'Apps' in the left sidebar.

Once you have found the Apps in Slack you will see all your installed Apps here. Search for the Eletype logo and click!

App Home is your one stop shop for:

  • Profile settings

  • Billing settings

  • Daily summary settings

  • Custom configurations: Connections, Rules, Mutes

  • Miscellaneous: Help, Feedback

Pro Tip: Click on the messages tab in the App Home and interact with your digital assistant directly. Ask: Hey @Eletype can you help me?

The easiest way to interact with your Eletype digital assistant is to use "/commands". Just as you would use /giphy so send awesome memes, use '/eletype' to control your interactions with us.

Try these basic commands out and use the /eletype feedback command to reach the developers directly.

Learn more about:

Connections we support

Creating a rule

Advanced features

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