Step 1 - You’ve got a summary!

Once per day an account summary is delivered to your Slack channel. Daily summaries will aggregate one or many connections and provide high level campaign metrics and reports.

By default, daily summaries will be delivered in the morning, but you can adjust this schedule by going to App Home → Schedule.

Step 2 - What’s in the summary?

First things first, the daily summary message will aggregate similar connections together. If you don’t want these accounts grouped together then move each connection to a different Slack channel. Hint: use /eletype move to move a connection to a different channel.

The daily summary also includes a few buttons:

  • Spend - Click this to generate a 7 day Spend summary

  • Conversion - Click this to generate a 7 day Conversion summary

  • Report 📊- Click this to build a mini-report.

Step 3 - Reports and Download

If you want to pull a more detailed report, just click the “Report 📊” button.

Next, select if you want an Ad Account level report or Campaign report. Then choose the date range you want to generate a report for. Now go ahead and click “Create Report”.

If you want to share this report with your team or customers, just click the “Download PDF 📊” button.

Pro tip: If you want custom report or white labeled reports, just let us know! Send us an email to or type /eletype feedback.

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