Step 1 - What is an anomaly?

Each day Eletype analyzes all of your marketing campaigns. Part of this analysis includes checking for anomalies in key marketing metrics. Here are some examples of campaign anomalies Eletype checks for:

  • Major changes in daily spend

  • Sudden increases in media costs

  • Dramatic decreases in conversion rate

Step 2 - How is it calculated?

Anomaly calculation happens in 3 steps:

  1. Detect the anomaly

  2. Quantify the impact

  3. Filter the notification

Methodology: Not all anomalies are created equally. Sometimes a major anomaly in a smaller campaign is actually less impactful than a smaller anomaly in a larger campaign. Eletype computes an impact analysis score which is then used to filter notifications.

Step 3 - Anomaly Workflow

There are 3 options for interacting with Anomalies:

  1. Graph it - A visualization of the anomaly

  2. Set Status - Change the status to communicate with your team

  3. Mute - All anomalies can be muted for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or forever. Use this to control which anomaly notifications are most useful to your team.

If you have specific questions about anomalies and notifications please drop us an email at or by typing /eletype feedback

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