Zapier integration is here! You ask for it and it is live.

This is a simple 3 step guide to getting up and running with Zapier integration.

Step 1 - Connect

Step 2 - Pick a Trigger

Step 3 - Test it out!

1 - Connect

In order to connect Zapier to Eletype you will need to locate your API Key. The API Key is a unique code that identified your Eletype account and it can be found in the Setting screen.

Go to the App Home page or type "/eletype settings" and the select Miscellaneous and then Security.

This will pop open a screen with your API Key.

Now head back to Zapier and get connected.

2 - Pick a Trigger

Eletype offers 2 types of Zapier Trigger Events: New Alert and Status Change

New Alert = If you select this trigger, all alerts will be sent from Eletype to Zapier. This includes all Anomalies, Threshold and Fluctuation notifications. This is useful for porting notifications to different mediums like Email or Txt Msg or a Google Sheet.

Status Change = This trigger will only send alerts to Zapier when you change the status of an alert. This trigger is useful for sending certain alerts to project management or workflow tools like Asana or JIRA .

Note: These triggers will not send daily summaries or mini-reports.

3 - Test It Out!

Now that you are connected to a trigger you can test it out.

For both types of triggers Eletype will send the following data:

  • Timestamp = The time the Zap was sent

  • Startdate = The date the alert is calculated on

  • Type = Anomaly, Threshold, Fluctuation

  • Status = New, Acknowledged, In Progress, Resolved, Non-issue

  • Metric = The metric that is being monitored (CPC, Spend, ROAS, etc)

  • Severity/Impact = A numeric representation of the magnitude of the alert

  • Provider = Facebook, Google, Bing, etc

  • ConnectionName = Usually the name of the Ad Account

  • LinkToConnection = A URL that links to the Ad Account

  • CampaignName = The name of the campaign (may be blank)

  • LinkToCampaign = A URAL that links to the Ad Account

  • Value = The value of the metric (example: CPC = $1.25)

  • ExpectedValue = The threshold or rule that triggered the alert

Give it a try!

If you have additional questions just message us in-app by typing "/eletype feedback" or send us an email at

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