Every setting and configuration can be managed by using the @eletype Settings command. Like this:

MS Teams settings

The Settings screen is a one-stop shop for all Eletype configuration.

  • Profile = General contact info. Note: Contact email can contain multiple email addresses if needed.

  • Schedule = Adjust when daily summaries are sent. Also specify "weekdays-only" or "every day" for notifications. You can also change the maximum number of notifications received per day per channel. The default is 3 notifications plus the daily summary.

  • Rules = Rules are covered in depth in this article: Creating Monitoring Rules

  • Mutes = How do I mute notifications?

  • View Connections = This will list all connections added to Eletype.

  • Help = List of all MS Teams command and help articles.

Reminder: Eletype does not have a web app. Everything is managed within MS Teams.

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