Eletype for MS Teams supports the following basic commands:

  • @eletype add - Adds a new connection to Eletype. Use this to connect additional Google, Facebook or Bing accounts.

  • @eletype list - List all of your current connections.

  • @eletype move - move a connection(s) from one channel to another.

  • @eletype remove - remove a connection.

  • @eletype rule - create and view all custom rules.

  • @eletype mute - mute alerts and or rules

  • @eletype settings - access you're settings

  • @eletype help - general help with commands

In addition to these basic commands, there are a few lesser used commands:

@eletype auth - Use auth to reauthorize a Google, Facebook, Bing account. Use this if you don't see the expected connections (ad accounts) available.

@eletype run - Use run to rerun a daily summary and regenerate notifications.

Note: MS Teams does not support Slash commands like Slack does

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