In addition to Daily Summaries, there will be several additional smart notifications in your MS Teams channel.

These smart notifications will be triggered by the various rules (anomalies, threshold, fluctuation) that have been configured for this channel.

You can view your rules by using the @eletype rule command.

A typical notification will look like this:

In this message you can do 4 things:

1) Click the hyperlinks to take you directly into Google/Facebook/Bing. These links will pre-filter the data for the appropriate Ad Account and Campaign.

2) Click "Show Details" to see a visualization of the rule or anomaly

3) Click "Set Status" to let your team know you are aware of the notification. Note: These status changes are integrated to Zapier. Read more here.

4) Click "Mute" to mute this notification for a day, a week, a month, or forever. This is useful after you've made a change and need a couple days to see of the change had an impact, just mute the alert. Note: You can view/edit your muted notifications by using the @eletype mute command.

Finally, if you are getting too many notifications, please read this article: How do I reduce the number of notifications I'm receiving?

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